Raymond Family Tree

Raymond Family Tree Pt 1
This tree was created in order to show the relationship between John and Sewell Raymond and Benjamin Raymond, the founder of Potsdam, NY.
Raymond Family Tree pt 2
Family members mentioned in the letters written by John to his brother Sewell are George B. Raymond and James D. Easton. There were also some letters between John and his brother Hiram in the collection.

Only those mentioned in the letters and their connection to John and Sewell are shown on the above family trees. For a more complete tree, please see the Sewell Raymond Papers Collection at the Potsdam Public Museum, Potsdam, NY.

There was some conflicting information regarding the last name of the spouse of Sarah Raymond. In the text Genealogies of the Raymond Families of New England 1630-1 to 1886 compiled by Samuel Raymond in 1886, her spouse is listed as Captain Perry Eaton. However, among Sewell Raymond’s personal papers at the Potsdam Town Museum is a record of a family reunion in Lockport, New York, on July 23rd, 1857. Here Sarah Raymond’s spouse is listed as Perry Easton and she signs her name as Sally Easton. As Sarah was a woman, her children were not recorded in the genealogical record. Given John Raymond’s mention of his nephew James D. Easton in his August 1861 letter and the information we gathered on Sarah’s marriage, we hypothesize that James D. Easton is the son of Sarah and Captain Perry Easton.

There are also numerous mentions of a man named Baker in John Raymond’s correspondence. We were unable to determine exactly who Baker was in our research, but note that John Raymond’s daughter married a Timothy Baker, from Norwalk, Ohio, in 1849.