November 12th, 1860

No 6 Pine Street 

New York Nov 12th 1860 

Dear Brother  

I intended to have requested you to write me the result of your negociations with Alexander Whalen.1 How did you get along with it if at all? I wish in particular to know whether he signed and acknowledged the Lease I sent on Monday last. On receipt of this please write me. 

I suppose you are not disappointed in the result of the last Election I mean the grand result. There are no doubt some disappointments in certain localities as to Congress-Men. New Jersey as I apprehended has gone fusion some say for Bell others say Douglass. I suppose they do not know among themselves how it has gone or who will get the Electoral vote of that state.2 Just ask Davison. Perhaps he can tell if he can. He is better posted than any now seem to be either in that state or in this city so far as I can learn. Bell & Breckinridge appear to be somewhere in some places. But the little Giant poor Douglas is nowhere in hardly any place. The last account of him was that he was receiving the congratulations of his Democratic friends the “Simon pures” the “unterified” hard fisted yeomanry of Alabama at Mobile in silent though Emphatic Language to wit a shower of rotten Eggs on the steps of the Hotel he was entering with his wife the day before Election.  

Southern mobs are of the meanest kind. The reason is obvious for they are Democratic mobs. This treatment of Douglas at Mobile deserves as it will receive the denunciation of all right minded men. It is however in perfect keeping with Southern Democratic secessionists for whom many of our good friends voted. From all such factions and political combinations “Good Lord Delivers us” now and hence forward forever. The Wall Street bears are trying to pinch up the money market. They may do it for a while. But things will all come round right in due time. I think Baker is well pleased with Election results though he voted fusion and Knew that he would loose [sic] his vote.  

All well. Nothing new. Kind Regards &c &c  

J Raymond  

Mr. S Raymond 

Potsdam N. Y. 

6 Pine St Nov 12 1860 pg 1
No. 6 Pine Street November 12, 1860