January 29th, 1861

No 6 Pine Street N.Y. Jany 29th 1861

Dr Brother,

Our folks have just returned from a visit to Ohio. They send Sisters Lucy & Sally who are quite well. On their way home they stopped over a few days at Lockport. While there last Friday they saw people direct from Canada where Lorenzo D Raymond lives. They told Elizabeth that Brother Tenman lay at the point of death insensible & could live but few hours at longest. He was taken with gangreen in one of his great toes the flesh mortifying as the disease ascended the limb.

There is no doubt ere this he is in his grave. I am daily expecting the announcement from Lorenzo & he will probably write you or send a paper.

I have no time to write more now.

Secession is the order of the day. Kansas was admitted as a state yesterday.

Business all unsettled & nothing doing and what the end and upshot will be remains to be seen.

The whole South seems to be one grand insane asylum. I would give them the bond [or land] under the constitution, the pound of flesh but not a drop of blood.

Yours in haste with kind regards to all

J Raymond

S Raymond Esq

Potsdam NY

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No. 6 Pine Street January 29, 1861 pg. 1


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