December 17th, 1863

Beaufort N. C. Dec. 17th 1863

Dear Geo. B.

I told you I would write on my arrival at this place. I did not get here till yesterday A.M. Found things much as I expected a large field for operations. Money plenty goods selling rapidly and at remunerative prices.

I of course have not yet settled down on anything in particular that I Expect to do and cannot for a few days to come. One thing however is certain that there is lots of money to be made here with suitable facilities and proper exertion.

Baker goes to N. Y. on Monday next. I do not expect to do much till he returns say about the middle of Jany and then I may be able to write you more definitely.

I think now I shall go to Newbern on Monday next and see how things are there. Board at best houses here is only [hand figure] $25 pr month without lodging which must be found where it can be had. I have got a pretty fair small room & bed at about $2 pr week lights included. The weather is beautiful roses in full bloom Oysters as plenty as potatoes and same price per bushel 50 cents. Give me the South for winter. Have had no fire in the room today and don’t need any. If you were here with the money to the value of your Plaster Mill[1] & plaster you could realize more profit from it in four or five months than you could in as many years as you now are situated. I was 18 hours from Potsdam junction to N Y. 400 Miles and from N Y to this place 400 Miles 88 hours 24 of which however we lay at anchor on account of fog & Storm making 64 hours running time head winds much of the way. I wish you would have Fay[2] send me his paper Directed to Beaufort North Carolina till further orders and if any thing happens worthy of note I will write him for publication.

With the best of wishes for the household individually & collectively

I am as ever yours truly &c &c

J Raymond

G. B. Raymond Esqr.

Keep dark as to things here out side

[1] Refers to Geroge Raymond’s Land Plaster business which was originally started by Sewell Raymond. Sewell Raymond Papers,  Box 7e, Biography, Potsdam Town Museum

[2] Fay was the editor of the Courier and Freeman, a Republican newspaper in Potsdam, NY. Sewell Raymond Papers, Box 7F.2, (15) Notes, Bills, Invoices, Potsdam town Museum.

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