December 14th, 1860

No 6 Pine Street New York Decr 14th 1860

Dear Brother

I have just Recd a letter from Martha dated the 9th inst in which she said she with her brother John were going to call on you for the purpose of making [sic] a loan of some money. I suppose M. has told you all about every thing the reasons the whys & the wherefores that is if she has called on you.

It is not necessary for me to go into detail of matters & things. It is only my purpose to say that if you can let John Whalan have some money to help him in his present time of need I should be very glad. The security he can give is undoubted. This I guarantee. John is worth not less than $12,000 free and clear but is a little cramped for a small amount for present use. I hope you can let him have the Loan and much oblige him as well as myself. His security is better than Bank Stock or bank bills. The political gamblers at the South aided and comforted by Buchanan still keep up the game of Bluff. How far they may succeed remains to be seen. We look to the 4th of March as the Millennium of present troubles. “Fly swiftly round ye wheels of time” &c. South Carolina never had a sober second thought and never will have till it shall be beat into them by something besides common sense and Fair dealing.

All well kind regards &c in haste

J Raymond

Mr. S Raymond

Potsdam N Y

P. S. Write to Whalan if you can do anything.

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